About the Team


Georgie Handy Helper has a dynamic team of two - ready for you right here in Midtown!


Tony, the human member, is the handy doggy expert.  He loves Georgie and has been a great doggy daddy for the past five plus years.  He is a seasoned pet services provider offering walking, pet sitting, and puppy playdates.  He also diligently provides People Services, from package delivery to furniture assembly, to help busy New Yorkers in their homes. 


Georgie, the doggy member, is a five-year-old black hypoallergenic cockapoo.  From humble beginnings, he has worked his way up the doggy corporate ladder to Georgie Handy Helper.  He loves long walks in Hudson River Park, rolling in the grass, playing ball, running, and jumping.  When the weather is not so great, he loves to spend time snuggling, playing indoor ball, and receiving belly rubs.




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